Storm Response Team
Our Mission

     The Mission of the ChaserWx Storm Response Team is RAPID Disaster Response and Relief to help those who are the most econonomically disadvantaged after disaster strikes. Our operation's goal is to combine the experience of Director Brandon Copic, and Board Members Ben Kessler, and Russ Aikman in the field of meteorology, emergency management, and emergency medical response in order to prove a very much needed asset to those impacted by natural disasters within MINUTES to HOURS of being impacted by a natural disaster. The goal is to help relieve pressure of local authorities, help with search and rescue, as well as medical response as well as clear roadways of debris to allow more qualified personnel access to damaged areas. 

     After the immediate need is met with local authorities in the aspect of search and rescue, medical response, and debris removal from roadways our team members intend to stay in the area to help local residents who are the most economically disadvantaged to begin their clean-up and recovery process in order to ease the weight off of those so severely impacted by these natural disasters. This includes covering up homes that have been damaged, helping to salvage what property can be, as well as clearing debris from properties of those who were impacted by natural disasters, as well as providing necessities to those in need after a natural disaster strikes.

Category 4 Hurricane Laura Damage ('20) (Top)
EF-4 Tornado Damage  in Chapman, KS ('16) (Bottom)