Storm Response Team

Formally founded and organized as ChaserWx Storm Response Team Inc in October 2020 the ChaserWx Team began as a storm chasing team that late in the 2020 season as founder Brandon Copic covered Devastating Category 4 Hurricane Laura realized that the only true way to be able to help people is to be able to respond to Natural Disasters Full-Time. After bouts of prayer, and inspiration from close friend, Warren Causey of the Sirens Project (another Disaster Relief Non-Profit Organization) Brandon began the process of creating the ChaserWx Storm Response Team as an Official 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Organization with the ultimate goal of RAPID Disaster Response, and Recovery. To create an official Non-Profit Brandon needed a minimum of 2 Board Members, so without a second thought he knew good friend, and team member, Ben Kessler with his qualifications in emergency management, as well as another close friend, Russ Aikman's experience as a former K-9 Sgt in Law Enforcement, being an Active EMT, and a multitude of experience with FEMA and the American Red Cross would be the best way to combine their knowledge with his own in Storm Tracking to combine and create a disaster response team like no other with the capability of responding to natural disasters within MINUTES TO HOURS of a disaster occurring in order to help local authorities in a multitude of ways, however they are needed. While the organization was officially founded in 2020 our operations will launch beginning with the first of the year of 2021 provided needed funding and supplies are attained. Our organization is very much excited for the opportunity to help as many people as possible who are so severely impacted by natural disasters in order to relieve at least a little bit of pressure that those people are experiencing with the devastation of a natural disaster. Our primary focus is on those the most economically disadvantaged after natural disasters, while all people are impacted severely, those without coverage for these damages are of the upmost importance. Our goal is to help them begin the rebuilding process, as well as supply them with necessities to get them back on their feet as soon as possible.  (Image Below: Brandon and his chase partner doing search and rescue outside Eufaula, AL as caught on The Weather Channel.)