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Chaserwx Storm Response team Website

The ChaserWx Storm Response Team was founded in late 2020 after founder Brandon Copic covered Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, LA and was one of the first doing search and rescue. After the experience with the violent Category 4 Hurricane Brandon decided to combine his two passions in life helping others, and covering the most extreme weather on earth by starting the ChaserWx Storm Response Team as an Official 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Non Profit Organization. The ChaserWx team's mission is to focus on deploying to areas that have a HIGH likelihood of damaging weather events in order to be a RAPID disaster response team in order to save lives, and begin the clean-up, rebuilding, and restoration process for those who need it the most. Be sure to check out the "Our Mission" page for more details on how the ChaserWx Storm Response Team plays such a vital role in disaster response, and recovery for those who are impacted by natural disasters.

***The ChaserWx Storm Response Team is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Any donation made to contribute to our organization will not only be greatly appreciated but it 100% Tax Deductible***